Aging. Age. AGE.

Do you ever wonder why some of us appear to age more quickly than others?

How about someone you know, perhaps under a life stress, who appears to be aging before your eyes?

Aging is chemistry. Aging is biology.

Did you know that there are actual ‘products’ inside our body called AGEs: Advanced Glycated Endproducts? These health and beauty compromisers are the result of the breakdown of excess glucose. Glucose is simply the sugar form of the food we eat, carbohydrates primarily.

All carbohydrates, sugars and starches, are merely individual or chains of glucose molecules. Over time, if we are a sugar burner, meaning we have repeatedly relied on glucose as our preferred fuel source, we can expect the consequences of those gremlin AGEs.

Our blood stream, thanks to insulin, simply won’t allow more than 4 grams of glucose to circulate and so will trigger the conversion of any excess blood sugar aka glucose, to fat or to be broken down into AGEs.

The outcomes?

  • Fragile Hair and Nail
  • Lackluster Skin
  • Achy Joints
  • Chronic Pain
  • Failing Eyesight
  • Sluggish Mental Activity
  • Hardening Arteries
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative Brain Conditions
  • Neuropathy

Sounds like the typical signs of aging…right? It is. And if we are sugar burners we can expect to accelerate our aging process.

That’s because glucose is corrosive.

Glucose, upon breakdown inside our body can corrupt the delicate tissue, vessels, and cells. Not unlike the sticky crusty mess of a cotton candy on a stick. One moment soft, fluffy and tasty. Moments later, hard, crusty, and nasty. While it may seem an unreasonable comparison, the imagery does make us pause.

Take Alzheimer’s for example. A person’s brain cells become crusted and corrupted with tangles of AGEs, which developed due to glucose and now the compromised cells can’t access the very glucose that used to fuel it because it is now crusted over by it.

Quite a conundrum, yes?

Yes. Sugar burners further have to supplement with anti-oxidants (sound familiar?) because the very act of burning sugar in our body spits out free-radical electrons.

Yup. Sugar burning is an oxidative, messy fuel system. Gee. Sounds like we’re all up a creek when it comes to aging. Not so. We can choose fat burning. Allowing our body to rely on dietary and body fat for fuel is a great idea if we seek to slow aging, create longevity and energy.

That’s because fat is a clean energy source.

The fat burning process doesn’t spit out damaging free radicals. Interesting, huh? It certainly got my attention a few years back. This is why when my family and I SHIFTed our eating people commented to me, “You look younger! What are you doing?”

“Butter” was my answer every time.

Luck? No. Good genes? Not necessarily. Pluck? Perhaps. What it comes down to is… knowing.

It’s knowing the what, why, and how to SHIFT your metabolism from sugar burner to fat burner and it feels really good.

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