Beating Diabetes With Science & Smarts

Diabetes is not only a heavy burden, but a slippery one too. The burden alone will eventually do us in, but it’s the slippery slope, the slow and steady worsening of our health and quality of life that is the insult to injury.

On D Day, (diagnosis day), we are hurled into a world….a ‘health category’….. which our family and friends don’t understand. In fact, family and friends, though they may not say it, even think we caused it. We are chided and judged, and finger-wagged at. Doctors might give us the tough love speech….”you need to lose some weight”……or perhaps even worse, the brush off….”it’s not so bad…you’re not that diabetic….just take these meds and watch what you eat”.

“The American Diabetes Association recommends we adopt a diet that actually works against us rather than for us.”

The American Diabetes Association…you know, the very association designated to support the health of those of us with diabetes….recommends we adopt a diet that actually works against us rather than for us. In fact, their diet advice makes the typical and expected long-term diabetic complications much more likely to happen.

It is outrage…

Diabetes is the medical term for a “broken glucose system”. Glucose is blood sugar. It’s simply the form of sugar our body creates from the food we eat. Having too much glucose in our bloodstream is toxic to our body.


This is the reason behind ‘diabetic complications’. The natural consequence of repeated high amounts of sugar in our blood are horrible conditions like blindness, neuropathy (nerve pain), and slow-to-heal sores that can lead to amputation.

“Frighteningly… the same high blood sugar, even a bit above what is the optimal amount of blood sugar for all humans, also leaves us far more susceptible to developing dementia, cancer, heart disease.”

Frighteningly, the same high blood sugar, even a bit above what is the optimal amount of blood sugar for all humans, also leaves us far more susceptible to developing dementia, cancer, heart disease….you name it. High blood sugar is the gateway to every lousy way to die.

This is why we are given either drugs or insulin….depending on the degree of our diabetes… assist our body in lowering the amount of sugar in our blood.

Unfortunately, the medical communities don’t tell you that by using these drugs you will never ever get out of diabetes. In fact, it’s pretty much a guarantee that your diabetes…like the slippery slope that it is….will continue to worsen. If, or when, you reach the degree of requiring insulin….it will hasten your decline.


Insulin is, among other things, our fat creation and fat storage hormone.

So while your medical team chides you to lose weight, they have you injecting more and more of the very hormone that makes you gain weight. Now, to be clear, everybody…..EVERY BODY….absolutely requires insulin to stay alive. That’s a non-negotiable. However, the quantity of insulin…which we can influence….is the game changer….win or lose…it’s in our hands.

This consolation I can offer you…..the variable impacting your health and your life….blood sugar……. is the very same variable impacting everyone’s life. You are no different…your BS (blood sugar) system is just a bit damaged, but not beyond repair….and because of it you will, if you desire to, come to know far more than your seemingly healthy counterparts……

Learn with me. The smartest person in the room always wins.

The diabetes diagnosis, along with new worries and new work, brings new words  into your life. Blood Sugar. Glucose. Carbohydrate. HbA1c.

Let’s define these.

Blood Sugar:  is the soft term for blood glucose which is the sugar that food is broken down into via digestion and then quickly deposited into the bloodstream

Glucose:  is one of two fuels our body’s cells can use for energy. Also important to recognize that while our healthy cells can utilize glucose or ketones (fat) for fuel, cancer cells only use glucose. Glucose is cancer cell fuel.

Glucose IS Cancer Cell Fuel.

Carbohydrates:  are foods that are composed of glucose or chains of glucose molecules.

HbA1c:  is hemoglobin (blood) measurement of your average blood sugar value over the past 2 – 3 months. Specifically, it measures what percentage of your hemoglobin-a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen- is glycated or coated with sugar. The higher the A1c the worse your health risks.

Here are a two more words you absolutely should know: AGEs and Insulin

AGEs:  (Advanced Glycated Endproducts)  These are the proteins in our body, just like the hemoglobin measured in our blood for the A1c test, that are glycated. All over our body proteins get coated in sugar…these are AGEs…..and they are the culprits corroding our joint tissue, damaging the delicate blood vessels of our eyes, brain, heart and nerves. THESE are the underlying cause of degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s (now being called Type 3 Diabetes) and Parkinson’s, heart disease, (it’s not the cholesterol, it’s the AGEs) chronic and debilitating joint pain, inflammation, and every typical sign and symptom of aging.

“With Heart Diesease… it’s NOT Cholesterol, it’s AGEs that are the Problem.”

Insulin:  this 100% essential to life hormone keeps us alive by triggering the metabolic pathways necessary to rid our bloodstream of too much glucose.

The metabolic pathways insulin triggers are:

  1. Unlocking cells (glucose can enter, the only positive outcome of insulin)
  2. Converting glucose to fat, particularly visceral (belly) fat
  3. Locking down fat stores (when insulin is up, fat can not be accessed for fuel)
  4. Signaling kidneys to retain water (bloating, swelling, hypertension)
  5. Creating AGEs (corrosion, damage, inflammation)
  6. Stimulating the hormone IGF-1 (assists cancer cell growth)
  7. Allowing cancer cells to efficiently suck up their life fuel, glucose

Do You See What I See?

Are you beginning to see why persons with diabetes are at such high risk for cancer and every other disease on the planet? This thief, diabetes, is a messenger. Are you open enough to hear what its saying?

The Diabetes’ message to the 21st century is this:

Dietary Fat is not the killer it’s been made out to be. In fact, fat is our body’s optimal fuel and will keep us slim, strong, and sane. Preferentially relying on glucose, aka carbohydrate, for fuel is what’s killing us. Suppressing the amount of insulin our body produces through strategic food choices, consistently opting for more fat than carbohydrate, is the pathway to chronic health. It is the only way out of metabolic mayhem. It’s really about tracking carbohydrate rather than stacking carbohydrate. And that’s easier to do than one might think.

“Relying On Glucose (Carbohydrate) For Fuel Is What’s Killing Us… NOT Fat.”

How Do We Heal Ourselves?

But how are we supposed to ‘heal’ ourselves? Especially those already compromised with diabetes, cancer, alzheimer’s (after all these are all related). The medical establishment ‘caring’ for us is prescribing we consume, in large quantities, the very food group that is most destructive to us. In fact, it’s the food group that got us into our crisis in the first place. And this applies to all of us… every human…

The ADA, American Diabetes Association, along with our doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists, recommend….even require us…. to eat between 45-60 grams of carbohydrate per meal. And then about 30 grams of carbohydrate for between meal snacking. That’s roughly 240 grams of carbohydrate daily!

There is no doubt that when our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, Type 1, my daughter and the rest of us began consuming more carbohydrate, more food, than ever before.

The Loud, Clear & Misguided Message From The Medical Community…

The message from the medical community was loud and clear…

  • You NEED carbohydrate (WRONG)
  • You NEED a certain amount of carbohydrate.. daily (Also WRONG)
  • You NEED carbohydrate for life, and for health. (So WRONG! It flies against all science.)

Wake Up World, It’s Science Time…

All and every food on the planet, real or factory produced, is composed of one or a combination of the 3 macronutrients.

Yes. Every food we consume is either a…

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate…
  • Or… any combination of the 3.
“Fat is 100% Absolutely Essential for Life.”

Fat is 100% absolute essential for life. It’s non-negotiable. Protein is 100% essential to life. Also, non-negotiable.

Carbohydrate however is… NOT.

Carbohydrate is non-essential. It’s completely negotiable. Let me restate…

We do not require nor need any amount of carbohydrate for life.

We will not only stay alive, but we’ll actually THRIVE without any carbohydrate.

How can that be?

Carbohydrate, every carbohydrate, organic or corrupted, factory or farmed, is simply glucose molecules or chains of glucose molecules. And our body creates its own glucose. Creates its own glucose?! Yes.

Our body can and will create its own supply of glucose, in just the right amount that our body might need at any particular time. Our body creates glucose from both protein and fat. And our body creates ketones, a far superior fuel that is long lasting, and clean burning. It’s fuel that our cells actually prefer and comes from both our dietary and body fat.

The (Science) Game Changer

Uncovering this science truth was our family’s game-changer. That we can choose how we will fuel our body is liberating. Back to the ADA recommended consumption of 240 grams of carbohydrate daily. They don’t tell you that the human body, your body, is designed to operate optimally at a blood sugar amount of 4 grams…..yes, you read that right… just 4 grams.

“Along with their recommended consumption of 240 grams of carbohydrate daily, the ADA does not tell us that the human body is designed for just 4 grams.”

How can consuming 240 grams of carbohydrate, which is literally 240 grams of glucose, be a good idea when the human body is designed for just 4 grams? And if you are diabetic you are at a further disadvantage, obviously, because your insulin/blood sugar regulating system is already compromised.

Would we pour more water into a reservoir whose dam has been breached? Would we pour lighter fluid onto a fire that we are trying to put out? Would we pour more sugar/glucose into a bloodstream that is already overflowing with it? Every gram of glucose/carbohydrate we eat will have a corresponding insulin response. Can you see why our insulin levels, as a nation, are out the roof?

Our pancreas will produce, and produce, and produce insulin any and every time our blood sugar is flooded with more glucose/carbohydrate than the ideal set point of 4 grams. The condition that is Type 2 Diabetes is the outcome of a body whose cells have grown desensitized to the powerful hormone, insulin. Since insulin, over a period of time, was being produced so often and in such great amounts the cells grew resistant to it. Insulin resistance. This is Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Sucks. Fortunately, It Can Be Undone.

By applying basic science, diabetes can be undone. It can catch that thief, robbing you of your right to enjoy food, energy, peace of mind.

Diabetes can also be a messenger. The message is right there, if you choose to see it.

Knowing trumps believing. Doing trumps hoping.


“About Barb”

Founder of the SHIFT Formula, Barb McDermott has helped countless people suffering from diabetes (type 1 and type 2),
cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, weight gain, pre-diabetes, depression and other ailments.

For over two decades, Barb and her husband owned and operated a chain of health clubs. She also hosted her own exercise television show and produced top-selling exercise videos. As a highly sought after fitness instructor, Barb would watchmember after member slip into declining health with steady chronic weight gain, despite religiously exercising. Little did she know… the solution would present itself through her daughter Erin.

Along with her health and fitness experience, Barb is the real-life mother of Axl Heck, eldest son of the ABC hit comedy, The middle. Her son Charlie’s ability to make her laugh provides the comic relief that strengthens her ability to push through tough times. “She who Laughs, lasts!”

But it wasn’t until her daughter Erin was diagnosed at age 16 that Barb began the journey that would lead to the SHIFT Formula. Despite following doctors’ orders and the general protocol for healthy living… exercise, balance organic foods diet… her daughter was, like many of her health club members, progressively slipping away… steady weight gain, steady health decline. Only a mother can understand the pain and suffering of a child crumbling under the weight of a lifetime life-impacting disease. Which is why Barb took matters into her own hands.

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