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Your Secret Weight Loss Weapon…

Would you like a Secret Weapon to help battle weight gain? Potassium plays an important role in controlling the carbohydrate chaos that occurs in our body. Potassium is necessary for converting glucose into glycogen. And once converted, glycogen can then be stored in the liver and muscles for future energy… before the process of fat […]

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1-Year SHIFT Formula Membership

To Celebrate Heart Health Month, We’re Giving Away A Free 1-Year Membership!!! Come celebrate with us! Simply enter and you qualify to win. It’s that easy. Don’t miss out on your chance to win the prize… 1-Year SHIFT Formula Membership ($335 VALUE)

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SHIFT Retreat Update

Hooray… The SHIFT Retreat has opened! The SHIFT Retreat is for individuals looking for a proactive health gain strategy to increase energy, achieve optimum weight, and protection from many of today’s diseases and health challenges. This is your chance to unplug from the world in our relaxed, tropical paradise. Upcoming Retreat Dates & Options… Weekend […]

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The (POSITIVE) Power of Negativity

This world is a negative place. And that is a very good thing. Interestingly, we humans are, often times, overly positive. I know. Sounds counterintuitive to me, too. Here’s the thing. We are electric. Yup. We are electrical beings. Literally flowing with electric current and electrons. Now, electrons are either one of two qualities: positive […]

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What baggage are you carrying?

Baggage. Am I right? Think about it. We can’t easily run through the airport weighed down with suitcases and computer bag. We can’t take a leisurely stroll if we’re carrying water bottle, cell phone, wallet, and keys. Stuff. Life. Life and stuff. And then there’s the emotional baggage. The mistakes we made, the feelings we […]

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Aging. Age. AGE.

Do you ever wonder why some of us appear to age more quickly than others? How about someone you know, perhaps under a life stress, who appears to be aging before your eyes? Did you know that there are actual ‘products’ inside our body called AGEs: Advanced Glycated Endproducts? These health and beauty compromisers are […]

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Food. Fanfare. Football. Oh my!

Another reason for more food teasin’. When does it end?! And adding insult to injury we are resigned to sitting on the couch while watching others living out one of the defining peak-health moments of their lives?! Crikes!! Put me in coach!! I want to play! You? Okay… I’m being a tad dramatic. But you […]

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Beating Diabetes With Science & Smarts

Diabetes is not only a heavy burden, but a slippery one too. The burden alone will eventually do us in, but it’s the slippery slope, the slow and steady worsening of our health and quality of life that is the insult to injury. On D Day, (diagnosis day), we are hurled into a world….a ‘health […]

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Get Your Free Chapter of “FOOD B.S.”

Author Barb McDermott brings common sense to nutrition and health gain. FOOD B.S. is an entertaining romp through life with that four letter word… FOOD. Her refreshing, no nonsense approach of uncovering the truth using non-negotiable rules of science demystifies food once and for all. “A truly unique, witty and life enhancing read!”

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