The (POSITIVE) Power of Negativity

This world is a negative place. And that is a very good thing. Interestingly, we humans are, often times, overly positive. I know. Sounds counterintuitive to me, too.

Here’s the thing. We are electric. Yup. We are electrical beings. Literally flowing with electric current and electrons. Now, electrons are either one of two qualities: positive or negative.
High school chemistry please.

Our body is comprised of different types of cells. Each cell is composed of many different types of molecules. And every molecule consists of one or more atoms. It is all the way down in the atom that we find free radicals. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with at least one unpaired electron. Because these electrons are unpaired, they are unstable and highly reactive. In our body free radicals are high-energy particles that ricochet wildly and damage otherwise healthy cells.

Most of us would assume that positivity is a ‘good’ thing and negativity is a ‘bad’ thing. We can succumb to the human trait that has us labeling things and experiences as being good and bad or positive and negative.

Will you try a little exercise with me?

See what pops into your mind, positive or negative, when you read the following words.

  • Whole Grains
  • Butter
  • Fruit
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Meat

Of the above items, how many did you consider positive? How about negative?

Scientists are not labelers. They see the basic principles and qualities of things simply for what they are.

Let’s look with a scientist’s eye.

Sugar Burners, those who rely on glucose from foods like whole grains and fruit for their fuel, can present as overly positive due to the generous amount of free radicals their metabolism generates. You see, burning glucose for fuel produces free radicals and free radicals are, as we already mentioned, electrons that are missing a paired partner.

Positivity means having a deficiency of electrons.

These rogue electrons wreak havoc on our internal environment as they ricochet about in pursuit of a negative electron to bond with. Burning glucose is an oxidative process. Oxidation produces free radicals. That’s why sugar burners are often reaching for foods and supplements considered high in anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidant cancels the destructive nature of the oxidative free radical.

Fat Burners, those who rely on fat from foods like butter and eggs for their fuel are less positive, energy-wise that is, because burning fat doesn’t generate free radicals.

It generates energy molecules called ketones.


can be used by every cell of the body. Our brain cells perform particularly well on them. And there is some good news here. While a brain compromised by Alzheimer’s has lost its ability to take up glucose for fuel, it can take up ketones.

And even more good news…

while cancer cells can and will take up glucose for fuel, they cannot use ketones. Fat burners fuel with ketones, that means they feed brain cells and starve cancer cells and maintain a more neutral positive-negative balance.

“Fat burners fuel with ketones, that means they feed brain cells and starve cancer cells and maintain a more neutral positive-negative balance.”

If we ever feel a need to reduce stress (emotional or physical) and restore calm, all we need to do is step outside in our bare feet. The earth carries a strong negative charge. And that’s quite powerful. Because we humans, Sugar Burners especially, often become too positively charged from all those free radicals.

Just by walking barefoot on a grassy yard or sandy beach, we absorb the earth’s negative energy, which cancels out our overly positive state.

The earth itself is the most powerful anti-oxidant.

Our body is fine tuned to work with the earth through a constant flow of energy. Of course, modern life has us almost completely insulated from the earth’s energy. So, kick your shoes off outside whenever you can.

Or better yet, book a stay with us at our SHIFT Retreat on Estero Island. Immerse yourself in the science of SHIFT while enjoying the Vitamin D stimulating sunshine and our stress-busting, sugar-sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

Ah…the power of negativity. Pause. SHIFT.

To Your SHIFT!

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