What baggage are you carrying?

Baggage. Am I right?

Think about it.

We can’t easily run through the airport weighed down with suitcases and computer bag. We can’t take a leisurely stroll if we’re carrying water bottle, cell phone, wallet, and keys. Stuff. Life. Life and stuff.

And then there’s the emotional baggage. The mistakes we made, the feelings we may have hurt, the toll of self-blame that I call the blame-shame-game: a game with no winners.

What baggage are you carrying today?

Regrets? Should‘a, would’a, could’as? Failures? Trials with lots and lots of errors? Maybe a new chronic condition that, by its very nature, heaps even more baggage into your life. When does the dam break? When is the threshold breached? When do we simply cry out, “Somebody, please, take the wheel”. “I’m out”.

“Somebody, please, take the wheel”. “I’m out”.

However, on the other side of overwhelm, when we are healthy both physically and emotionally, we can handle the baggage more easily. We can shoulder the burdens. We can shake off the hurts and heal faster from the wounds… both figuratively and literally.

When our body is in a state of calm, meaning we are trim, toned, and tough, we are able to withstand the knocks, dings, and roughhousing like a 24 year old tight end on the football field of life.

Yes please. I want to be that guy.

Well, to be that guy I need to do what he (or she!) has done.
The rules of the game and the rules of physics must be adhered to.

Do you know the rules?

I didn’t. I thought I knew the rules. But life will tell us with repeated beatings that we really don’t know what the hell we’re doing. And the baggage that comes with defeat after defeat can weigh us down… sadly, even for a lifetime.

But baggage doesn’t have to be.

We can lay it down. We can let go.

I say, “Let go… or be dragged”.

For me and my team of SHIFTers, SHIFT is literally the means, the ‘how-to’, for reducing, if not eliminating completely, the baggage we’ve carried for far too long. We’ve dropped the baggage of belly fat. We’ve let go of the baggage of lackluster living. We’ve laid down the baggage of chronic pain, tight clothes, and brain fog.

And while we have dropped these negatives we’ve also, at the very same time picked up a lot of lightweight positives: energy, satiety, sanity, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing…

  • knowing that we are establishing ourselves as an ACE: anti-cancer environment
  • knowing that we won’t drift back into weight-woe
  • knowing that we are dismantling the very baggage that has been wreaking havoc on our health… our life.
If the baggage of life is tripping you up, join us. You’ll be in good company. We are seekers. And we live by the creed, “There’s a way to do it better – find it.” We have.
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